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​​​During the last 20 years, Wine Kitz Kingston has made thousands of batches of wine on premise for individuals to enjoy with friends and family, often at events such as wedding celebrations. Our bright, clean facilities with ample parking and friendly staff make choosing and bottling your wines an enjoyable time. Drop by for a tour and experience wine-art at its best!

Coming from a military family, our business understands and appreciates all the sacrifices that members of our military make on a daily basis. As a gesture, we are members of the Military Discount Program.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia Estate Series

Sauvignon Blanc, California Estate Series

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile Original Series

Gewürztraminer, California Original Series

Rose Schwaeger

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Where to make wine in Kingston

 Having been in the business for over 23 years, my staff and I have the knowledge to help you make a great wine - guaranteed

The process is quite simple. First of all you will choose a wine kit to suit your taste; we will guide you in this decision. Next, the ACGO who issues our Liquor License requires payment to be made at time of purchase and sign a Tag that advises you of the wine making guidelines. This identifies your wine and stays with your wine from start to finish. 

The next step is carried out in the winery, where the juice, or concentrate whatever you have chosen, is poured into a primary fermenter and your job is to sprinkle the yeast into it to start the fermentation.  Now the fermentation is started we take over the rest of the process and call you when the wine is ready to be bottled.  When you arrive to bottle your wine you will either have to purchase bottles, or if you have them, they will need to be sanitized. You will need 30 plus bottles. After tasting your wine you will be ready to fill; cork, label and shrink wrap your wine bottles.  

We provide all the equipment required for this process that takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

-Rose Schwager, Owner

"I have never made wine on premise before, what does it entail?"

Locally-produced wine

Come speak with the experts, at Wine Kitz Kingston we are in the top 10% of winemaking stores across Canada for quality service, according to Global Vintners Inc. Our experienced Vintners provide customers with incredible service so that you can ferment award-winning wines. What involves the process of fermenting grapes you might ask? Everything you need to know, and use when crafting your own wine(s) is located here.

Choose from numerous varieties of all kinds of wine, made up from the finest juice concentrates from around the world. You can make wines of award-winning quality that will stand up against premium versions sold in stores.​​ Wine Kitz Kingston is the exclusive retailer of VineCo Wines locally!

Traditional Vintage Wine
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