wine packages for weddings

Wine Packages for Weddings

wine for weddings
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Call or email at: 613-384-5207 or 384-0570

The prices for our All Inclusive Wine Packages for Weddings range depending on your needs and what you want for your wedding guests. From wine to serve to wine as a gift for a unique remembrance of your special day to enjoy now or let it age like a fine wine - just like your love for each other! Come in or email us (in our CONTACT page) to discuss the hundreds of options we can provide you.

Each wedding package for wines can include these options: 1 batch of wine, (custom labels, our gift to you), corks, shrink tops and 31 green or clear 750ml bottles, as well as all applicable fees and taxes (we supply all the equipment). NOTE: Using smaller 375ml bottles will add an extra cost to each batch.

Please feel free to drop by for a winery tour. Our bright, clean facilities and friendly staff make choosing and bottling your wine a pleasant and relaxing experience. Call us at (613) 384-5207 or 613-384-0570. You can also email us at with any questions you may have.

Let Wine Kitz help make your wedding day special with the addition of hand-crafted wine for you and your guests. Congratulations!

We offer several different types of kits. All produce 23 litres of wine, and are made from 100% pure first run varietal grape juice. We fully guarantee all our products.

The kit you choose depends on how long you can age your wine before the wedding, and whether you are serving it or offering it as a keepsake. Although all our wines are drinkable at bottling, they will improve with age.