Gewurztraminer, California, Original Series
Floral, apricot and pineapple
Sweetness: Off-Dry
Oak: None
Body: Light-Medium
Alcohol: 12%

Twisted Mist, In Stock Now!

We are excited to announce the upcoming Twisted Mist Series that proved to be a such a great success with our customers last year! 

Look forward to summer fun on the patio with a glass of Mango Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Bahama Mama or Strawberry Bellini! 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia, Estate Series
Black currant, chocolate, bay leaf with toasted notes

Sweetness: Dry
Oak: Medium
Body: Medium
Alcohol: 13.5%

2024 Global Passport Series

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Discovery Awaits with the 2024 VineCo™ Global Passport Series!

Another exciting lineup this year of unique blends and classic varie-tals that will take us on a new adventure to some of the most prominent well respected wine regions! Available for just a short time by reservation only. Call us today at 613-384-5207 to reserve!



Sauvignon Blanc, California, Estate Series
Citrus, peach and passion fruit

Sweetness: Dry
Oak: None
Body: Light-Medium
Alcohol: 13%

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile, Original Series
Blackberry, black raspberry and cedar
Sweetness: Dry
Oak: Medium
Body: Medium-Full
Alcohol: 12.5%