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Traditional Vintage® Pinot Noir 

OAK: Yes BODY: Full  ALCOHOL: 13% 
This popular red conjures complex layered berry fruit flavours, spice and an oaky undertone. 

Traditional Vintage® Australian Chardonnay 
OAK: Yes  BODY: Full  ALCOHOL: 13% 
This ever-fashionable dry, medium-bodied blast of flavour elbows its way into many a wine cellar. Features green apple, pear, pineapple and subtle butterscotch oak. 

30% off all Legacy wine kits

 Bringing the tradition and heritage of premium wines into your home.Legacy premium 6 week wine kits are skillfully blended from vintage-class varietal grape juices and concentrates from renowned wine producing countries around the world. Each kit comes complete with everything required to make exceptional wines to enjoy on any occasion. Legacy wines will develop even richer characters with traditional cellar aging. 

30% off all Atmosphere™ Wine Kits

Atmosphere is a bold, colourful, casual and contemporary new brand, with country of origin juices. Each 16L wine kit makes 30, 750 ml bottles of premium wine (23 litres) in 8 weeks.

DIY My WineCo.™ Wine Kits
Regularly $29.99 on sale for $15.00 while supplies last!
It’s easy to master the art of at-home winemaking with DIY My Wine Co.™ all-in-one wine-making kits. The entire process, from start to finish, is complete in only three short weeks. One kit produces 4 litres of wine – that’s the equivalent of more than 5x 750 ml bottles. Everything you need is in the box! No additional equipment, supplies or bottles are required. Available in Pinot Grigio & Cabernet Sauvignon.