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The wine that was thought to be extinct is available at Wine Kitz Kingston!

Carménère - thought to be extinct 150 years ago this wine was found alive and well in Chile and it's available here!

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Carménère Chile
Oak produces soft tannins, subtle toast, and vanilla, providing a terrific backdrop to the aromas and flavours of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice from the grapes. Notes of coffee, mocha, and tobacco can be expected along with a mineral tang that forms as part of the lengthy finish. The wine is medium to full-bodied with bright ruby colour.
• Oak Yes   • Body Med Full  • Alcohol 13.5%


Traditional Italian Valroza 

Alcohol: 13% Oak: None Body: Light-Medium 
A generous, emphatic bouquet of dark cherries and just a hint of anise. It doesn’t skimp on the flavour either, with an elegant balance of silky tannins and a lengthy finish. 

Traditional Gewürztraminer
Sweetness: 2  Oak: None  Body: Medium 
Known for being hard to produce, Wine Kitz makes it a snap to craft this wine with its distinct aromatic character of flowery and spicy perfumes and flavours. Crisp and off-dry with excellent acidity. 


Legacy Vieux Château du Roi  
Oak Yes • Body Medium-Full • Alcohol 13% 
A big, full-bodied complex blend with a generous bouquet of ripe blackberries, black cherries and plums which also carry through on the palate. Your family will love this wine with stews, full-flavoured cheeses and grilled beef. Includes Elderberries. 


Legacy Chardonnay 
•Alcohol: 13%  Oak: Yes   Body: Medium 
A classic single varietal with deep straw yellow colour, a fruit-forward bouquet and a balancing touch of oak. Flavours of crisp, green apple and tropical fruit dominate the palate. Enjoy with stuffed turkey and roasted chicken.